ePlane Canada - Canada's first regional and domestic airline 

ePlane.ca started in 2016 was supposed to be Canada’s First Domestic Short Range All Electric Public Transit Airline.  We see the future of aviation to be much different then the current landscape.  The cost of fuel and maintenance in an electric airplane is roughly 80% less, than it’s equivalent in fossil fuel.  This translates into huge savings, but also a very difficult path forward for existing airlines.  And through this realization, we decided to start ePlane.ca.  We hope to be offering regional flights by 2020.  To join our frequent flyer club, be notified of first flights, and investor opportunities, please visit http://ePlane.ca | The Future is Flying.  Electriflying.

Update: in 2018 we realized electric only  planes still have a ways to go before battery technologies could provide adequate distance.  We began to explore alternatives and realized hydrogen fuel cell was the solution best suited for what we were trying to accomplish with ePlane.ca.  We change the name from ePlane.ca to ehPlane, short for “electric hydrogen”.  eh is also Canadian.  On Earth Day April 22nd, 2020, ehPlane came out of EAM Labs and became ehPlane Inc.,  as a registered Canadian Corporation.  Please stay tune for news on our upcoming ehPlane world debut in late 2022.