EAM Logo 2018

Electric Air & Marine Inc. specializes in design, engineering, and implementation of  electrification and renewable energy systems including batteries, hydrogen fuels cells and various water fuels,  for aviation, land and marine.

Our clients are typically governments, airlines, aviation and marine companies, aviation & marine divisions within organizations such as police, fire, search & rescue,  ports, marinas, airports, oil & multinational exploration companies, recreational flyers, freight companies, private jet & charter, agriculture, defense and military.

Here are some of the services we provide:

– Port, Airport, Marina, Factory & Powerplant Electrification Design, Implementation, Advisory & Consulting

– Port, Airport & Marina, Factory, & Powerplant,  Fuel Cell Design, Implementation, Advisory & Consulting

– Port, Airport, & Marina, Factory, & Powerplant, Alternative Renewable Energy Systems Design, Implementation, Advisory & Consulting

– Custom Aircraft, Airport, Seaport, & Vessel Design, for Passenger Ferry, Specialty Cargo, based on electric/hybrid, and renewable energy propulsion driven systems.

– Renewable Energy Powerplants & Power Distribution Grid Design & Implementation.

– Custom Equipment & Hardware Design

– Custom Battery & Fuel Cell Design

– Custom Software & Battery and Management System

Custom Avionics Systems 

– Custom Rotorcraft Design R&D and Prototyping

–  Custom Drone Design and Supply