Welcome to Electric Air & Marine Inc.   Our company was born in 2016 on a desire to help governments, industries, and societies, transition from the use of fossil fuels, over to renewable energy alternatives, thus ensuring to reverse or “stabilize” the effects of climate change, and putting our world back on the “right track” for generations to come.

Our mission and 20/20 vision statement is to decrease the worlds use of fossil fuels to 20% of its current consumption, by 2040. By transitioning our world to using  “unlimited energy” sources, we hope to achieve our secondary mission, which is to eradicate war, poverty, famine and disease.  You can read a formal copy of our 20/20 vision here.

Our team consists of consultants, engineers, and various other professionals, groups and organizations in the renewable energy, transportation, aviation & marine industry around the globe.

Our customers are municipal, state, provincial, and federal governments, multinational organizations, electric grids, public transit marine and aviation authorities, ports, airports, military & defense, natural resource transport, exploration & mining, oil & gas companies, food and cargo distribution, aerial firefighting, defense and military.

We help governments, businesses, industries, societies, and people see the value in developing and executing on targets to transition to renewable energy systems.

Our investments, and holdings:

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