Our 20/20 Vision

Our 20/20 Vision is a mission we’ve set out to accomplish, to transition the worlds usage of fossil fuels, down to 20% of current consumption, starting in 2020, over a 20 year period, taking us to 2040.


This can by accomplished by governments, industries, and societies, gearing up to adopt the following policies by 2020:

– Banning of petrol only motor for all land vehicles by 2030

– Banning of petrol only motor for domestic aviation and marine by 2040

– Writing in policy, and enforcing that all power grids must be fueled by at least 80% renewable energy sources by 2040.

– Banning and phasing out of factory farming, & animal cruelty for meat and dairy by 2030

– Setting consumer limits and regulations to reduce meat, fish, processed and oil fried foods consumption


So we’ve boiled down the fate of the world and humanity,  to these five simple changes, and now we want your help to get all world leaders, industries, and businesses, on the same page as us by 2020.


Our 20/20 Vision is as Deep as the Ocean.