Hel eCrane - The Future of Aerial Cargo Transport


Hel eCrane is a modular BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) heavy lift (100 lbs – 65,000 lbs) VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing) , multi-copter system, being developed in 7 different sizes, for emergency services, natural disaster response, military, firefighting, medical, natural resource & cargo transport.  It is a complete One System, No Limits approach.  To compliment Hel eCrane we additionally offer:

Hel eCrate – Industry Specific Containers

Hel ePad – Take Off and Landing Pad Program

Hel eOS – A unified developer software platform  running across all Hel eCranes.

For more information on Hel eCrane Inc. please visit http://HeleCrane.com.

Electric Air & Marine Inc. is a founding partner of Hel eCrane Inc.